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The biggest mistake of my life

The biggest mistake of my life also led to the best decision I've ever made.

In 2013, a former employer of mine was sliding into bankruptcy. I managed to somehow hornswoggle my way into a graphic designer position at a community news organization -- but the commute was an hour and a half away from my Annex apartment. I couldn't do it; I didn't have the stomach for the commute and quickly resigned a couple weeks in.

This was absolutely a bad decision, and one that I think a lot about. It was the biggest mistake of my life -- over the course of eight months in 2013 (from May to December) I desperately applied around and found absolutely nothing.

A failed journalist with no "transferrable skills" wasn't exactly a standout in a Toronto job market thrumming with talented people.

2014 was a rough year for me. Working on contract, moving to technical support at a company that was an absolutely poor fit. I had made this bed, and now I had to lie in it.

That's when I discovered programming -- and made the absolute best decision of my life. Saving up half my paycheque every pay period, I saved just enough money to attend HackerYou. I was able to sneak in by the skin of my teeth, getting accepted three weeks before the cohort started.

My post-HackerYou career has been incredible -- see for yourself. Because I made the biggest mistake of my life and learned a lesson, which forced me to re-evaluate where I was going in my career -- and make a change for the better.